Friday, July 17, 2009

Site Change

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Production Team Growth

The Team has grown! In the past few months we've added several people to the team. Sam, Dave, Jim, Dylan, and Jeff. There's a simple strategy for growing our team, which we should always be in the process of doing. It's called Intentional Apprenticing or Shadowing. It goes something like this:

1. Watch me do what I do.
2. Help me do what I do.
3. I watch you do what I did.
4. You do it on your own.

That's the simple 4-step apprenticing/shadowing process. It's a great way to recruit and expand our team. I am seeking to find more people on or off the team who would be interested in learning what I do - the Producing aspect of the service. It takes someone who can see everything at once and make sure things are progressing in the manner we want it to progess. Right now there are three of us that I know are willing and able to perform this function: Dan Fisher, Greg Loraditch and myself.

The reason I need to expand this position to more people on the team is that I need to be more free to do other things on Sunday. For example, speak in main service, speak in UpStreet or 180, or lead worship in one of our environments. So I turn to you.

I want to do a three-part challenge:

1. Find someone to shadow you.
2. If you are willing and able to learn the Producer position let me know.
3. When small groups start up again the fall, join one.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Production Team WINS June 6/7

This past weekend at New Vintage Church was one of our smoothest weeks in Production. The team consisted of: Serafim Reis (ProPresentor), Kyle Nahas (Lights/Hazers), Duane Piercy (Stage Right Hand), John Iervolino (Drum Set Up), and Micah Foster (Producer).
  • The Set looked great, thanks to Jeff Hawks.
  • You can see that we've stacked them in the closet. We didn't know if they would fit, but we made it happen!
  • We missed Wes, but he was gone to celebrate his anniversary and everything ran smoothly without him. (We still need you though!)
  • The Set Up went smoothly.
  • The tear down was quick and painless.
  • The service was almost seemless and we can celebrate a huge WIN because we were invisible. In other words, we had a huge part in pulling off the service, but it was behind the scenes work.
  • In our last series, It's Personal, over 100 people asked Jesus Christ to become personal in their lives. That's huge and it's partially because of your service.
  • It was Duane's first week of in-service responsibilities and he did a great job in Wes' usual post, Stage Right.
  • Serafim did an awesome job on ProPresentor - it was his first time.
  • Kyle has served two weeks in a row doing Lights and Hazers at both campuses!
  • We missed Dylan Fore because he got poison oak - yet we still made it happen. (We still need you too Dylan)
  • Planning Center Online has been a huge time saver and an easy way to construct the services. I hope you're taking advantage of previewing the services and seeing what's coming up. Also, you can block out dates in planning center that you know you will be gone or unavailable.
  • What are some of your wins?

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Some New Vintage Church Pictures

Together we create an irrisistable adult worship experience every weekend. It is because of our faithful production volunteers that people can walk into our doors and see "church," "Christians" and "Jesus" in a brand new way...Rockin', Fun and Relevant!